Consultants’ Summit is a forum for equipment manufacturers and foodservice consultants to come together to learn about new concepts, exchange ideas and develop new relationships. Over two days, top consultants participate in programs presented by manufacturers and industry experts, offer opinions on new concepts and take advantage of the opportunity to develop new relationships with manufacturers as well as their peers.

Over 90 consultants have attended at least once, many returning as new sponsors participate. The Summit has received high marks for its programming style, outstanding networking opportunities and its spectacular venues. Limited to five manufacturers, those sponsoring the program have the unique opportunity to learn from the consultant community and cement new relationships, opening doors that in the past may have been closed.

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Consultants’ Summit is presented by Rod Collins, Rod Collins Associates and Charlene Goff, Edgewater Marketing.


Consultants' Summit XI Presentations


“The Summit was extremely informative and well worth the time investment. We walked away with new ideas, new friends and colleagues.”

J.D. Landis
SCOPOS hospitality group

“The quality of the program was outstanding. It is definitely unlike anything that I’ve been involved in within our industry over the past 22 years. I am truly grateful to have been included.”

Scott Reitano
Principal, Foodservice Solution Group

“One of the best!”

Harry Schildkraut
Principal, S3 Consultants

“The event was planned extremely well and the information was excellent…I was impressed with the whole program.”

John Egnor
President, JEM Associates

“I have had the opportunity to attend quite a few [meetings] in my career and must say this is about the best I’ve had the pleasure to attend.”

Orlando Espinosa
Principal, OEA